Compassionate Heart was founded based on the simple principle that the cats, dogs and other companion animals we share our lives with are beloved members of our family. Our veterinarians are dedicated to helping families give the gift of a peaceful, gentle transition in the comfort of home.


How We Can Help


 We are Here for You

Not sure when the time is right? How do I know when my companion animal is really suffering? Our goal is to create the most peaceful experience for families facing companion animal end-of-life issues.  We are happy to consult with you about your beloved cat, dog or other furry friend.

We are only a phone call away.


  • Chicago Suburbs & Rockford….(630) 402-6222
  • Indianapolis …(317) 688-1119
  • San Diego ……(619) 344-0045


Gentle Euthanasia Techniques

We use our combined experience of over 30 years in veterinary intensive care units and emergency clinics to help your cat or dog transition peacefully and with dignity. All of the cats and dogs we help are given a special sedative using a very small needle which allows them to relax and to be as comfortable as possible for their in-home euthanasia experience.


Respectful AfterCare

We would be honored to make all of the arrangements for your companion animal’s body care. We partner with animal crematoriums that only have the highest of standards. Most are members of the Pet Loss Professional Alliance and International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association. Your Beloved’s body will be cared for with the utmost reverence and dignity. We have all the supplies necessary to provide a smooth transition from your home to our vehicle (blankets, stretcher, etc) but you are welcome to use your own special blanket or send along a favorite toy to accompany your cat or dog on their journey.


Flexible and Supportive

We are flexible and supportive of your desires. We are available for appointments everyday and on most holidays. We aim to design our schedule based on your family and companion animal’s needs. We are flexible about the location of your pet’s transition. Is your dog most comfortable in the back yard? That’s OK. We will help your pet wherever he or she is the most comfortable. Do you wish to have a special ceremony or say a special prayer? We support your desire to have end-of-life rituals and ceremonies. Furthermore, we support your wish to enhance your pet’s experience by creating a calm, relaxing environment through the use of candles, soft blankets and music.



We welcome your tributes, pictures and thoughts on our facebook page. We look forward to seeing you there. In addition, feel free to email us at DrAlicia@MyCompassionateHeart.com detailing the special life you shared with your cat or dog to be posted on our Tribute page. Please include a photo. A complimentary ClayPaw (your pet’s paw print in clay) is given to every family.