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Dr. Jessica Kriner

Jessica Kriner, DVM graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University in 2009. Prior to attending veterinary school, Dr. Jessica was an EMT – Paramedic. Her prior career helping humans in various states of emergency has allowed her to gain valuable experience with empathy and communication. These skills have been invaluable throughout her veterinary career. Since graduation from veterinary school, she has had the honor of helping furry family members in their homes, when facing the need for end-of-life care. Fear Free certification provides a strong foundation for her ability to connect with companion animals and their families.

“It is with the utmost dignity and respect to allow them to transition in the comfort of their home surrounded by loved ones.”

Her free time is spent with her human and animal family. She has a Beagle, Minnie, and 3 kitties: Abby, Tony and Pooh. Minnie has an incredible way of snuggling and snuzzling right into Dr. Jessica’s neck, drawing Dr. Jessica closer for tighter hugs with her sweet little paws. She’s quite the love.




TEL (630) 402-6222

EMAIL DrJessica@MyCompassionateHeart.com