Remembering Boswell

BozLure-001Our pets are all precious companions that bring us tremendous joy.  Although, I feel that may actually be an understatement as I reflect on Boswell, my dear English Setter, and his amazing personality and huge heart.  Losing him to disease at twelve years of age was incredibly painful and sad.  Yet, as I think back on the wonderful memories and the happiness he exuded, I appreciate more and more what he added to my life.

Boswell could actually smile and did so every day when I would return home, which in turn made me smile, no matter how hard the day.  He would lift his flappy lips and show his ivory teeth while feverishly wagging his tail. When he wanted to create even more funny emphasis he would clack his teeth while smiling.  That trick would not only make me smile but drew laughter every time.

Boswell was a little “jock” with many sports on his resume.  He ran with me for almost 12 years making what otherwise was effort into an outing to anxiously look forward.  Once he saw the running shoes come out of the closet, he was beside himself with excitement until we hit the trail.  He was also a formidable upland game dog with hunt test ribbons to prove it.  Boswell did some lure course racing which he absolutely loved.  I had trouble holding him back until his turn all the while thinking his small but powerful heart was going to burst through his chest.  He also did agility but according to him, he preferred the therapy work at the hospital, especially visiting the kids.

Boswell was also an expert at the art of persuasion.  He knew how to use his big brown eyes to pan back and forth from the pantry door to your eyes, throwing in a clack if needed, until you gave him his prized treat.  The head on your thigh trick with the big rolling eyes also worked every time.

Boswell dodged a bullet a year ago, having surgery to successfully remove a tumor.  This summer though a lung disease was not so kind.  After battling with all his heart for several weeks, the time was short.  I thankfully found DR. Harris and she graciously listened as I explained his condition and its complexities.  The ups and downs were confusing for me as was the medical information, but finally it was time.  Dr. Harris was incredibly compassionate and kind, reminding me of Boswell himself.  She made the situation I dreaded very peaceful and calm.  I am very grateful for that as I will always be incredibly grateful for Boswell.

While we cannot have them forever here on earth, the time we have is precious and should be remembered less for what we lost, and so much more for what we gained in life lessons, laughter and happiness.
Thank you Dearest Boswell.