Brandy Lee

Brandy Lee - TributeMy Brandy Lee was a beautiful Shepard mix with such a docile personality. She was never in a bad mood and always ready to cuddle. When we would take naps I’d tell her to come to her side of the bed (which is where my husband sleeps) and she’d jump right on the bed and lay her head on the pillow and we’d cuddle and sleep together. She was very active when she dreamt, always kicking her feet running somewhere. I used to joke with her that she had restless leg syndrome. Sometimes her kicking was so bad that it would wake me up! And then there was her smile, yes Brandy smiled. It was this cute little half smile when she’d get really happy to see you or when you talked to her a certain way. And I’ll never forget how she’d sing with me, more like howl. I’m not sure if she was howling because my singing was so bad, but I just said she was singing along with me. She was a wonderful companion for the past 13 years and such a blessing to our family. She lived a great life being spoiled……just like animals should be. May your soul rest in peace with your siblings, Fuffins and Sneakers.

All My Love……Mom