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17 thoughts on “Provide Feedback

  1. Thank you for allowing us to experience a beautiful ending in our home for our beloved Beckett. Our 12 year old golden was diagnosed with bone cancer .

    Dr. Alicia was available after our initial meeting to comfort us thru the difficult time . When do you know it’s time to let go? How will you guide the process?
    Alicia has a calm disposition and gently navigated us thru every step .
    The sun was shining, the event was peaceful and at no time was it rushed . The pace was up to us and the follow up was just as professional .

    I have been recommending the compassionate heart to everyone. Just lovely

    1. Hi Jill!! Thank You so much for taking the time to share your experience with us. It was such an honor to help your family with Beckett. From our first conversation, I sensed your passion for his well-being and comfort. He was so blessed to be a member of such an adoring and dedicated family. May he rest in peace and there’s no doubt he will always be in your hearts. Thank you again, Jill. – Alicia

  2. I just want to say thank you to Dr. Lucy for being so sweet and caring during the passing of our 15 year old cat Angel. Dr. Lucy came over right away and was so caring and compassionate. She talked us thru everything and was so gentle and sweet with Angel. Dr. Lucy was amazing and truly cared and felt our pain during this very difficult time. We will never forget her and our Angel.

  3. We’ve been through the pain of having to put down 4 legged family before and it’s always so hard to keep your pet calm at the vet. We heard about this service through a neighbor and decided to try it when we had to put Bogart down. Dr Sondra was such an amazing person to help us through the process and made sure my old guy left peacefully and gracefully. I’m telling everyone we know about her and this company. Losing a dog is never easy, but we are comforted by knowing he left us surrounded by his family and relaxed in the comfort of his own home. Thank you Dr. Sondra, you are such an amazing person and we are forever grateful to you.

  4. Thank you for your very kind feedback, Engelman Family. Bogart was blessed to have such an adoring family. Please accept our sincere sympathies.

  5. Thank you, Dr. Hanus,

    Letting our dog pass way at home was the last thing we could do for her. Thanks to you, it was also one of the most comforting things we have ever done for her. To see her gently fall asleep in our own bed, no longer suffering, with us by her side and surrounded by the world she knew, was a truly fortunate experience. I cannot imagine letting her go in any other way. We are so happy we found you.

    Thank you for everything.

  6. We had Dr. Elson come to our home in Carlsbad July 3rd to help us with our decision to let our beloved CJ dog finally rest pain free. She was without a doubt the most caring, concerned and professional vet I ever encountered. CJ was so comfortable with Dr. Elson and he did not have any stress or appear to have any pain during the process. She explained everything to us so we felt we were making the right decision. CJ left today and he was in his favorite place with the people who loved him and he loved. He will be so missed.

  7. Thank you for your services. The doctor was very caring and compassionate. Our dog went very peacefully and we were able to pet and hold her till the end. What a wonderful service you are providing. Thank you so very much!!

  8. When you invite someone into your home for a powerful and intimate moment such as saying goodbye to your dog of 16 years, they need to be the right person. Dr Sondra Elson was certainly that person. She was so warm and compassionate, really embodying the name “Compassionate Hearts”. My family and I could not be more grateful for her professionalism and the care that she took with both us and our dog Briskit, nor could we be more relieved that we chose her to be there with us for such a huge moment. Thank you so much Dr. Elson!

  9. As our regular vet was out of the office, his assistant recommended Dr. Sondra Elson. Our 15 year old long haired chihuahua Charlie could not have been in better hands. The ability to say goodbye in our home was more special than I could say. Being allowed to hold him in my arms after his first injection, while my wife fed him his last treat of smoked salmon, at Dr. Elson’s recommendation, clearly explains the level of compassion Charlie received on his last day. Though I write this through tearing eyes, I am so very glad we were referred to Dr. Elson. On behalf of Charlie, my wife and I, thank you so very much.

    1. Dear Kevin and Lorraine, Please know our hearts are with you as you grieve the loss of your Beloved Charlie. Thank you for your warm words of gratitude. May your sweet little one rest in peace.

  10. Dr. Sondra Elson made this hard process as bearable as it could possibly be with her kind, comforting, and gentle personality. I am thankful for her understanding and flexibility to come and help Smalls pass on when his body couldn’t keep him comfortable any longer. I can’t imagine anything better than having in home euthanasia and the comfort and closure it brings.

    1. Thank you, Brooke, for your kind feedback. We are thinking about your family as you grieve for your Smalls. May he rest in peace.

      We agree. In-home euthanasia is such a gift for our littlest, fluffiest family members. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help. Warmly, Alicia

  11. Last week, I had to say goodbye to Liska. She had been in our family for 12+ years. This little schnauzer had so much personality. As she got older, her health went down some. Last year, I lost my wife, and my kid moved out of state for college. It was just Liska and I. I had a dog nanny who stayed with her when I was on the road, because I didn’t want to stress her out with a kennel, or someone else’s home. When the time came, I was reluctant to take Liska to her vet, because of the stress of the car ride. So, I called Compassionate Hearts.

    Dr. Alicia came out the next day, and spent nearly two hours with us. The business side (payment) was taken care efficiently and discreetly. The rest of the time was spending Liska’s final moments in peace. I absolutely know that she was at peace and had a stress free transition.

    Care was also taken regarding what Liska could be cremated with. I know that she would want her favorite toy, a dead soccer ball. Dr. Alicia made sure that happened.

    Thank you so much, Dr. Alicia. You brightened a sad day, and turned it into a beautiful day.

    1. Thank you, Dave. Your Liska was such a sweet treasure! I truly enjoyed seeing her frolic in the videos with her dead soccer ball and hearing about the life she shared with your family. May she Rest in Peace. My deepest condolences for the loss of your two Beloveds: Your dear wife and Liska.

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