Daisy Mae

My dearest Sweet Daisy May, you came to me at just five years old and already three litters of pups behind you and possibly five other owners, I welcomed you into my home. Thankfully the veterinarian in Freeport, IL knew better and called upon Northern Illinois English Bulldog Rescue (now known as Chicago English Bulldog Rescue), when the owner decided she didn’t want to keep you because your pups didn’t make it. You were my first foster experience and I know we were both nervous and scared that first day, but I also know our love and bond was already starting to grow. NIBL already had you set up for your new home and I was only suppose to care for you until your new owner was ready. Almost three weeks into our journey that day came, I was heartbroken to let you go, and realized I might not have been cut out for fostering. I left you with your new owner and cried all the way home. The next morning, I come to find out that your new owner decided he couldn’t keep you, I drove so fast to come pick you up, and after I brought you back Jackie&Daisy May Tributehome, I never looked back. I officially adopted you 1 week later.

Our life together brought me more joy, love and laughter than I could of ever have imagined. Your sweet days, your high anxiety days, your playful days, your social days, your non-social days and your sick days, are days I will never forget.

The unconditional love and attention I received from you everyday for the past 6 years could only be described as a blessing. You were truly my best friend, constant companion, my shadow, confidante, my comfort and playmate. My days were filled with endless joy and for this I give thanks to God and rescue that gave you to me.

After you were diagnosed with lymphoma, I only wanted to make sure you stayed as comfortable as possible, and the care from Natural Pet helped make that happen. But a few months later and three days before I had to let you go, I knew, you knew that it was time. Tears still well up in my eyes just thinking about you and your big, sweet furry little face. I miss you so much, but I also feel peace inside knowing that you have returned to your Maker, with no more pain, no more suffering, only light and freedom to run and play at the rainbow bridge with your other furry friends, until we meet again.

I do believe this…Dogs live less than humans because people are born so that they can learn how to live a good life. Dogs already know how to that, so they don’t have to stay as long. I love you my sweet bully, always and forever in my heart.

Love, your mommy (Jackie)

Sweet Daisy May 2001-2013  |  adopted 2007