Fuffins Marie

Now Fuffins Marie was quite the unique cat. When I found her, she looked like this big puff ball of fur. And of course she was covered in fleas, just like Sneakers was when I found him. The odd part of it, is that I found Fuffins at the same location that I found Fuffins Marie TributeSneakers eight years prior, and they became the best of friends. Fuffins loved to sleep in my hair. Whenever I’d lay in bed, she climb on me and nestle herself on my shoulder and tuck her face in my hair. She had such a loud purr, but it was so soothing that I would fall right to sleep. She liked to be petted, but only when she wanted to be, and only on the top of her body. If you tried to touch her side, she’d bite you. Oh, it wasn’t a mean bite, but she let you know that she didn’t like it. She’d roll over on her back and show you her tummy, but when you came up to her, she’d flip over and run away. She enjoyed sleeping on plastic bags and licking wood objects…..very strange. And she was the clumsiest cat I’ve ever met. She had absolutely no grace to her steps. She’d constantly be knocking over cups of water on my dresser. One time she knocked a full cup of water into my purse. Needless to say, everything in my purse needed to dry out for a day! She was the twinkle in my eye and had an unmatchable personality. She will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will never forget the unique bond we had together. May your soul be at peace Fuffins (1999-2012).

All my love…..mom!

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