Personal Consulting Service for Your Family Veterinarian

Our complimentary personal consulting service is provided for your family veterinarian’s convenience, should they need it. We understand how difficult it can be to sort through I'm The King of the Worldcomplicated medical issues.  Getting to the bottom of what ails our animals can be quite challenging since they don’t communicate with us using English words (yes, they may be able to understand some English words and they have a rich way of communicating without using the English language). Often times, an array of diagnostic tests must be performed to obtain a definitive diagnosis.

We have partnered with Todd Duffy, DVM, DACVECC as a collaborative resource for your veterinarian. Dr. Duffy is a board certified Critical Care Specialist or a “Criticalist”. This advanced training requires 4 years of additional training (consisting of an Internship and a Residency) after graduating from veterinary school. Dr. Duffy specializes in acute, life-threatening, critical conditions such as acute kidney failure, heart failure, shock and trauma, just to name a few. He has 16 years of experience working with critically ill animals in emergency clinics and veterinary intensive care units. This experience can provide Dr. Duffy with a unique perspective that may prove helpful when determining what the best course of action is for a very ill cat or dog. His insight can be used to supplement your observations and help your family veterinarian narrow down the treatment and diagnostic options available for your pet.

Collaboration between your family veterinarian and a Criticalist could be helpful for you in these ways:

  • Help your veterinarian obtain a diagnosis when faced with a confusing illness
  • Help your veterinarian narrow down testing options creating an efficient diagnostic plan, possibly minimizing the stress on your companion animal
  • Discuss novel treatment options and prognosis

We want your decision about euthanasia to be a well informed one. We hope having Dr. Duffy available to collaborate with your veterinarian, should they need him, is helpful in this process.

If you are interested in this complimentary consultation service, please call (630) 901-6901 or send us an email at for more details.