Chicagoland In Home Euthanasia




Compassionate Heart is moving! I am proud to announce that my services will be transferred to the Indianapolis area summer 2017. Regretfully, services will no longer be offered in the Chicago area after mid June 2017.

A warm thank you to the Chicagoland families that welcomed us into your home to help with one of life’s most difficult decisions.


Options For Your Family

 Dr. Alicia Harris is honored to help you.  A complimentary ClayPaw (your pet’s paw print in clay) is offered to every family.



In-Home Consultation   $175 (+/- travel surcharge)

In-home physical exam and consult.



In-Home Euthanasia    $275 (+/- travel surcharge)

Your companion animal’s body will remain with you for aftercare.



In-Home Euthanasia + Memorial Cremation   $375 (+/- travel surcharge)

Memorial Cremation:  your companion animal will be cremated with other pets.  Ashes are sprinkled at Hinsdale Animal Cemetery.



In-Home Euthanasia + Private Cremation   $575 (+/- travel surcharge)

Private Cremation:  your pet will be cremated 100% alone.  This is not a “partitioned” cremation. Your companion animal’s ashes are brought home to you within 1-2 weeks.  They will rest in a convenience urn.  However, personalized urns are available for purchase.  You can preview urns and other beautiful ways to memorialize your pet here.



In-Home Euthanasia + Cemetery Burial   $700 & up

This is wonderful way to memorialize your animal friend. We would be happy to point you in the right direction to get this coordinated.


Compassionate Heart proudly partners with Hinsdale Animal Cemetery and Crematorium, Moss Family Paws and Chicagoland Pet Cremation to provide dignified body transportation and aftercare.