You have been a part of our family for over 15 years. You have been with us every day. You have watched us all grow and change. (Click “Moby” to read more…)


What a wonderful journey we’ve had. From the gorgeous little fluff ball we first laid eyes on at 3 weeks old to the beautiful, hand-picked champion you became. With a mom named Ariel and a dad named Hawkeye, we knew you were meant for our family. You would complete the pack. (Click “Kisses” to read more…)


I often speak of Dogs. Dogs that I love. Dogs for whom I have great affection.. While it is true that they all have a place in my heart, there is but one Dog who owns it. She wears the crown that sits atop my heart. She has worn it always. She wears it still. My Queen with a Kings name. My Elvis. (Click “Elvis” to read more..)


Yahooie, you will be missed! You brought such joy to our family. After, all you were the first kid we had. Ben, Charlie and Audrey never knew life without you around. It was so tough saying goodbye but we will always have our memories of you. (Click “Yahooie” to read more…)

Brandy Lee

My Brandy Lee was a beautiful Shepard mix with such a docile personality. She was never in a bad mood and always ready to cuddle. (Click “Brandy Lee” to read more…)

Sneakers Anthony

As a child, I always prayed for a cat. I loved animals, but we never had any. Mom & Dad weren’t big fans of cats, so the possibility appeared hopeless. But in 1991, my prayers were answered and I was granted the privilege of caring for a homeless kitten; his name was Sneakers Anthony. (Click on “Sneakers Anthony” to read more…)

Fuffins Marie

Now Fuffins Marie was quite the unique cat. When I found her, she looked like this big puff ball of fur. And of course she was covered in fleas, just like Sneakers was when I found him. The odd part of it, is that I found Fuffins at the same location that I found Sneakers eight years prior, and they became the best of friends. (Click on “Fuffins Marie” to read more…)

Daisy Mae

My dearest Sweet Daisy May, you came to me at just five years old and already three liters of pups behind you and possibly five other owners, I welcomed you into my home. Thankfully the veterinarian in Freeport, IL knew better and called upon Northern Illinois English Bulldog Rescue (now known as Chicago English Bulldog Rescue), when the owner decided she didn’t want to keep you because your pups didn’t make it. You were my first foster experience and I know we were both nervous and scared that first day, but I also know our love and bond was already starting to grow. (Click on “Daisy Mae” to read more..)


I’m greatly saddened today to have to announce that, this morning, my cat Wesker, whom has been part of my life for over 13 years, passed away. Thanks to Dr. Alicia Harris, he passed away gently, quietly and happy in my arms. (Click on “Wesker” to read more..)


Our pets are all precious companions that bring us tremendous joy. Although, I feel that may actually be an understatement as I reflect on Boswell, my dear English Setter, and his amazing personality and huge heart. Losing him to disease at twelve years of age was incredibly painful and sad. Yet, as I think back on the wonderful memories and the happiness he exuded, I appreciate more and more what he added to my life. (Click on “Boswell” to read more..)