Sneakers Anthony

As a child, I always prayed for a cat. I loved animals, but we never had any. Mom & Dad weren’t big fans of cats, so the possibility appeared hopeless. But in 1991, my prayers Sneakers Anthony Tributewere answered and I was granted the privilege of caring for a homeless kitten; his name was Sneakers Anthony. Riddled with fleas and thin as a rail, I swooped him up and began to fall in love. With a bit of affection and loving care, that flea ridden cat became so handsome. Big beautiful green eyes, and his fur colored so richly. A unique personality and a best friend. Over the next two decades we shared every moment of my life, he was truly a dedicated companion. He was with me in times of happiness and times of sorrow; and he never left my side. He was a genuine blessing and wonderful addition to my life, and I treasure the 22 years we shared together. A part of my heart died with him the day he left. I lost my best friend, but the moments we shared, I will never forget. May you rest in peace Sneakers (1991-2013).

Love always……mom!

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