RIP Wesker Vallas: 2001-2013

I’m greatly saddened today to have to announce that, this morning, my cat Wesker, whom has beenWesker Tribute part of my life for over 13 years, passed away.

Thanks to Dr. Alicia Harris, he passed away gently, quietly and happy in my arms.

Back in 2001 I was out for a night-time stroll in a commercial area of unincorporated Naperville when I saw something move in the corner of my eyes.

I quickly looked down and was surprised to see a small orange and white kitten, literally in the middle of a parking lot as if he was just put there by the heavens, making a direct B-line for me. He nuzzled up to my feet and started playing with my fingers. I looked around to see if there was any stray family or cats anywhere, but I saw nothing. So, I quickly picked him up and bundled him home – with original aims to bring him to the shelter the next day.

When I brought him home, I fed him some turkey (I wasn’t expecting infantile feline company) and made a makeshift litter box for him. Being that it was past midnight by then, as soon as I was done making the box and setting the plate out for him, I went to bed. I heard him eating away, then a few minutes later he jumped up onto the bed and started licking my face for what seemed like 20 minutes straight. After he was done, he curled up next to my right ear.

Right then I knew he was staying. He played me well.

Since then I’ve never regretted having him as part of my family. He loved people when they came over, and often entertained himself via wrapping himself around people’s feet and “claiming shoes” when they were put off to the side.

He created many games. One of his favorites was to find his toy mouse, pick it up, and walk over to me mewing VERY loudly with the mouse in his mouth. He expected me to respond with a “mew” of myself each time he did it… and he would then carry the mouse over by me, expecting to get it and throw it. Originally he placed it at my feet, but he got crafty and began dropping it farther and farther away from whatever I was currently doing at the time (Video Games, Movie Watching, eating dinner, whatever…)

And he loved the balcony in summertime. Any time it was above 90 degrees (yes… ABOVE 90) he would park outside and sun-bathe. I’d get so worried that I’d go out to check on him – but he just stared back in response with a look saying “…what?”

He also had an impressive knowledge of english vocabulary.

“Want to go out” meant I was going to let him out onto the patio.

“Adventure!?” meant I was going to let him scout around the condo’s hallway and fire escapes. He loved this.

“Up up!” meant to come up wherever I was patting.

“UP!” while he was on top of me meant I had to get up and he had to get off.

He even understood the meaning of a “5,4,3,2,1, ZERO!” countdown when I held a door open to the outside when it was winter. While he was trying to decide to go out or not with the door open – If I hit zero, I would shut the door. He would make is decision right before I hit zero.

He even understood specific sounds of other things. He recognized the jingle of the Laser pointer specifically even over the keys. As soon as he heard the jingle, he’d instantly look all over the floor for the red dot. Since he herald from the dying days of the land-line phone – hearing a phone ringing meant he’d instantly get off of me. He kept this up for a while even when I got my cellphone. He also recognized instantly when I turned off the sound system/TV and always got off of me when both things simultaneously “click” off.

For my first cat (and having grown up with dogs) he was the perfect blessing. He acted almost like a little dog. Always ran up to me mewing when I came home, always liked to lick my hands and face, always liked to lay on top of me when we watched movies or played games.

Recently I remember bringing my friend, Sherwin, over to my condo. Upon seeing the three Cat-towers I had in my living room + multiple cat beds, his next comment was “Man, I wish someone loved me as much as you love your cat.”

He had a good life, and I believe he had a happy one. He was always there when I was down, and I was always there when he needed me. Loosing him is like loosing half of my life in this condo. He was such a major part of my life at this stage.

May he rest in peace wherever awesome kitties go to when they leave this world.

You’re always at my side.

Thank you Wesker, I’ll love you always

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  1. Made me laugh and cry. Wesker- you were amazing amazing to your human. I think you are living on, probably with your Creator. Much compassion to you, human writer. Love that he understood “3, 2, 1, ZERO”!

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