Yahooie – December 10, 1997 – August 22, 2013

Yahooie, you will be missed! You brought such joy to our family. After, all you were the first kid we had. Ben, Charlie and Audrey never knew life without you around. It was so tough saying goodbye but we will always have our memories of you.

We would always laugh the way you chased squirrels from our yard – whether they were on the ground or on the wires above. We’d shake our heads the way you took over all the couches – no Yahooie Tributematter how often you were kicked off. We were baffled as to why you had to tear out the squeaker from every squeaky toy you ever got or why you did not learn to stay away from skunks after your first spraying or your fourth. The kids loved when you would climb the ramp to get into the play system in the back yard. They miss the touch of your soft fur and miss tossing treats for you to catch.

But for sure we all loved the way you wanted to be one of the gang – always looking to have fun and wanting attention. You loved unconditionally and we are so happy we knew you for so long.

Later Pups – you were the best and you will never leave our hearts.


Mom, Dad, Ben, Charlie and Audrey

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  1. Yahooie, you will be missed.I am happy to have watched you when your family went on a weekend trip. I saw how you struggled to walk up and down the stairs at our home. I knew it would not be long before you would leave us. Rest in peace with all your friends.

    Love Grandma

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